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Evangaline Hair Care was born out of my own personal experience with hair loss and thinning hair. Not sure when it began since I went natural in 2009 but I noticed over the years my hair was becoming less and less voluminous and just felt like it was always struggling to grow. I’ve tried so many products that promised to regrow and help thicken hair only to see no difference in my hair months later. It wasn’t until December 2022 when I took a mirror and examined my hair that I saw how bad it really was. I was in shock when I saw that some parts, especially in the middle of my head, was just scalp and no hair. It was at that moment that I decided I wanted my hair back. After weeks of research, I settled on making an Ayurverdic hair oil when I read all the benefits of Ayurverdic herbs. I told God this was the last thing I was going to try and if it did not work, I would entrust the care of my hair into someone else’s hands because maybe I was the problem. But thank God to my amazement 3 weeks after I started using the hair oil I started to see and feel a difference in my hair. My edges that were extremely naked became less and less naked. After two months of using the hair oil I decided to make all my hair products because even though I was seeing a difference from using the oil, I was still frustrated with the other products. I had tried products from 2 different companies only to have my hair feel the same with both hair care lines. My hair was left feeling like a Brillo pad after just 2 days of washing it and even worst at the end of 7 days, though the products I used said they helped moisturized and keep hair manageable, that was not the case for me. The frustration of wanting my hair back and being tired of spending money on product after product, lead me to begin researching ingredients that not only helped to regrow hair but also keeps hair feeling moisturized and manageable, especially for those with curly or very coily hair like myself. With that my journey of creating Evangaline Hair Care began. I desired to create a hair care line that not only promoted growth but also helps even the most coarse and coily hair become moisturized, soft and manageable not just for a day or two but even 1, 2 or 3 weeks after wash day. Once I saw the different ingredients and their benefits, I settled on making a Chebe Oil and Shea Butter blend with Papaya See Oil line. With my base ingredients, from March 2023 to April of 2024 I personally made and tested my formulations to create products with ingredients that not only work well together but also do what they were created to do. As of April 2024, I finalized and launched Evangaline Hair Care; Chebe Oil and Shea Butter blend with Papaya Seed Oil hair care products. A shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and pomade made with natural ingredients, that not only promote healthy hair growth, but also keeps hair feeling moisturized, soft, and manageable for weeks after wash day. These products not only leave the hair feeling nice but also heals the scalp, providing a healthy foundation for hair to thrive. Thank you for your time and support as we embark on a healthy hair journey together.
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